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Health Services

The department of health services in Tasmania is at the forefront for delivering the services, the legislation, the programs and the policies that are in a position of improving the health, the well-being and the safety of Tasmanians residents. In ensuring that this has been achieved, the department works as a single agency and is a branch of the Tasmanian Government as the stewards and partners that are involved in the provision of health services.

The main principles for the Tasmanian health department include paying attention to the clients and the community, providing a governance that is effective, offering strategic collaboration, making intelligent decisions and maintaining culture and a stable leadership. Their strategic priorities lie in the health standards and the safety of the Tasmanian residents, systems that are well governed, services that are well integrated, and services that are based on a particular evidence and the engaged workforce.

Services they offer

The first service offered by this health body is Ambulance Tasmania. This is the service responsible for the provision of integrated care services, high-quality care services, pre-hospital-related care services and various services within the branch of medical care. Furthermore, in this case, they also offer health-related types of transport services and services involving medical retrieval to the large community of Tasmania.

Secondly, they provide services for young children and youth which are meant to ensure that the young generation and their respective family members are nurtured in a proper way and are living a safe life. These types of services are mainly offered by the personnel who work hand in hand with Program Support and also the Quality Improvement department together with the teams of Workforce Development.

Thirdly, the departments provide services for housing, community-related services and disability services. This is one way of ensuring that Tasmanians have access to affordable housing. This is one way of ensuring that the housing supply by this department is maintained and is also a way of ensuring that the tenancy for social residential locations and social types of housing is well managed.

Other services offered are the involving public health-related services. This is one way of improving and protecting the well-being of people and their health. This allows them to come up with health choices and to reside in environments that are safe. This is made successful by regulating the retailers of tobacco who are approximately 800 in number, regulating the outdoor smoking places that are also around 800 in number and encouraging the provision of supportive types of services and the provision of vaccines.

Furthermore, there is the introduction of corporate-related services, policy type of services and also regulatory services. This is made successful by managing the delivery of state-wide health and human types of services that are efficient and effective. This can be done through managing governmental relations, the encouragement of shared services and the provision of professional advice.