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Essential features to consider when picking the best bariatric bed for your patients

Most of the obese patients find themselves in difficult situations, especially when it comes to carrying their body weight around in the hospitals. They, therefore, go for bariatric surgeries which can help them lose the excess weight that they have. Extreme obesity is just like any other disease that people face, and the people mostly find themselves too dependent on other people to do things for them because they can’t manage to do them on their own. Bariatric clinics and hospitals help them to overcome their health issues whenever the patients are willing to change. Due to the high number of patients coming into the bariatric clinics and hospitals, they have come up with specialised equipment which helps the patients to relax and recover faster. A bariatric bed must, therefore come with certain features and functionalities that will help the patients relax and recover. Here are some features to consider while picking the best bariatric bed for your patients:


The best bariatric bed for your patient should be manufactured and designed in a way that it’s capable of holding heavyweight. Ensure that the beds you want to buy are categorised according to the weight capacity that they can hold. It’s therefore very crucial to always have the weight factor in mind when buying a bariatric bed for your patient. Make sure that the patient can comfortably relax on the bed without breaking it until he or she recovers from the surgery.


While choosing your bariatric bed, ensure that you consider the right design and shape of the bed. Most importantly, ensure that the support system is well placed where the patient has support when lying on the bed. Since the patients are expected to do some exercises on the bed, it’s good to ensure that the support system is properly placed to avoid extra strain on the neck and back of the patient.

Electric or manual

Depending on the kind and number of patients that you get, you need to consider the best beds for your clinic or hospital. Electric bariatric beds are usually easier to move with around and also smooth to function. They are the best for patients, especially where you need to adjust the patient’s position and any other movements. Manual bariatric beds also function the same way, but you will have to do it manually using a lever. They are a bit tiring and time consuming when you are attending to many patients.


An essential factor to consider is the safety of the patients in your clinic or hospital. Bariatric patients require a bed that has a safety system put in place. Most of the patients are bedridden, and they at times fall off from their bed if the safety rails are not installed on the bedsides. The bariatric bed that you wish to buy must, therefore, have safety rails and height adjustment options. These are important features that your bed must have so that the patients can be safe while on the bed to prevent them from falling out of the bed.

When you consider all these factors, you are assured you won’t get any problems with your patients when it comes to supporting, safety, and comfort. Modsel supply bariatric beds that are right for your bariatric patients in your clinic or hospital.

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